Crash Course

Did you get in a car crash?

Or worse yet, did you get in another car crash? Hey, it happens! It happens to almost everyone at some point. The important thing is to LEARN from it, and understand, even if you were not found legally at fault, how you might have possibly anticipated and avoided that crash!

Things happen very quickly in a car crash. Even a minor crash is SCARY, and it can be hard to remember or even understand everything that led up to it. But, we don’t want you to carry around trauma from the experience. We want you to come away from the experience as a better driver!

We can help! We include a lot of this sort of defensive driving in our regular lessons. But, if you’ve had a crash, we’re going to begin by analyzing your crash(es). What went wrong? Could you have avoided it in any way? There are certainly instances where you couldn’t have avoided it. Things like the driver behind you was texting and plowed right into you while you were stopped. Or the driver that runs a red light at 40 mph (probably also texting), and t-bones you. But, more often than not (and perhaps maybe even in THOSE situations if you’re really alert), a crash can be avoided. It just takes an understanding of physics as they apply to moving vehicles, and vigilance. We want to help you learn how to do it!

Three Crashes in Three Years

If you were unlucky enough to have been convicted of three crashes in a period of three years (3-in-3 is defined here), the State of Florida will require you to complete a 12-hour ADI (Advanced Driver Improvement) course, AND 4 hours of BTW (behind the wheel) driver training. We don’t offer the ADI course, it is available online from many sources. But, we are authorized to provide the 4-hour BTW training.

Even if you’ve only crashed once…

As noted above, the State’s answer to repeated crashes is a classroom or online course (to refresh you on the rules of the road and other information), and 4 hours of in-car training. Even if you haven’t crashed three times… even if you’ve only crashed once… even if you just came really close to crashing once… maybe it’s not a bad idea to take the same approach? Nobody’s stopping you from taking that online course if you want to pay for it. Or, you could just spend some time reading the driver’s handbook. And then, take some lessons with us!

Our “Crash Course”

We satisfy the 4-hour 3-in-3 course by doing three specialized 90-minute lessons. This adds up to 4.5 hours of instruction. During the first lesson, we’ll spend some time discussing and analyzing your crashes. Between that and an on-the-road driving evaluation, we will determine what areas you need to improve. Most of the next two lessons will be spent working on whatever those areas for improvement are. From there, we’ll work on those improvements, and we’ll also make sure you have all of the required skills to pass your extended road test. At the end of the third lesson, we’ll spend another 10 minutes or so reviewing with you. Net result, we’re spending 4 hours on the road over the course of three lessons. After that, we might suggest additional practice, or even additional lessons if needed. Our goal is to fully prepare you for both safe driving on the road, and to pass that “extended road test” that the State requires.

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