COVID-19 Information

We’re not likely to update this page as often as we should! But, our current policy regarding COVID-19 is this:

  • We strongly encourage vaccination against COVID-19, and our staff is fully vaccinated.
  • If you have symptoms, a positive test result, or known exposure within 10 days, we ask that you cancel your lesson. We will not penalize for a COVID-related cancelation.
  • If the CDC “community level” for Pinellas County is “Low”, we are not requiring the use of face masks during lessons.
  • If the community level is “Medium” OR we see any other indications that concern us, then we may require masks during lessons.
  • If the community level is “High”, then we WILL require masks during lessons.
  • Regardless of current status, if any student wishes to wear a mask, they are welcome to do so. And if they would like US to wear a mask, we will gladly do so. The health and safety of our students and their families is important to us!

Below is a tool provided by the CDC to show our current community level.