How Many Lessons?

How many lessons does it take to learn to drive? What a great question! There is no simple answer to that question. Every student is different! They have different backgrounds, different natural skillsets, and learn in different ways and at different rates. But, we’ve compiled some good approximations below.

All of these estimates are based on the assumption that the student will get several hours of practice between each lesson to hone the skills that are taught. If the student is unable to practice between lessons for any reason, plan on MORE lessons! Learning to drive is like learning to do anything else, it takes practice.

Beginning Drivers
If the student is completely new to driving, never been behind the wheel, no prior experience with go-karts or golf carts, or anything of the sort, we recommend at least 8-10 lessons and ample supervised practice between lessons. We will begin with the very basics of driving and progress at the student’s pace.
Slightly Experienced Drivers
If the student can at least drive around the block smoothly and confidently, make a smooth and proper stop at a stop sign, and knows how to use a turn signal, they may require fewer lessons. Plan on 6-8 lessons with plenty of supervised practice between lessons. After a brief check-out on the basics, we’ll move this student out into traffic and more advanced situations as we feel they are ready.
Experienced Drivers
If the student has been driving for at least 6 months, has had lots of practice, and gets around confidently, but just needs to be checked out and maybe taken to the next level, then 3-5 lessons would be appropriate. We’ll check them out in a variety of situations and make sure they are doing everything correctly, and prepare them for their Road Test.
Very Experienced Drivers
If the student is confident and ready to go get their license, but they are nervous about the road test we can normally prepare them with as little as two lessons. We’ll do an evaluation of general driving, and focus on road test skills and preparation. Before testing, the student will likely require additional practice in the car that they will be taking their Road Test in. It is also possible that we may recommend additional lessons based on the evaluation.
Public School Driver's Ed
We’ve seen a lot of “graduates” of the modern public school driver’s education. We have found that they spend a LOT of classroom time covering a lot of useful information, and they spend a LOT of time driving around their closed course. And that’s great. But, what they don’t do is spend enough time on public roads. If a student gets appropriate practice with their parents (as they should), then they get a well-rounded education, and enough experience to be safe drivers. But, if ALL they do is driver’s ed at school, what they’ve learned is to drive 15 miles-per-hour in a parking lot. They are often not comfortable driving faster than that, and they don’t know how to negotiate traffic in the real world. If you have one of those students, even if they have been issued their “test waiver” by the school, we normally recommend at least 4 to 6 lessons of private driving instruction, plus plenty of parent practice.
Senior Driving Lessons
Some driving schools shun adult students. Not us! We’re happy to teach new drivers of any age, or offer refresher training for any driver who needs it. All we ask is that you approach your driving lessons with an open mind. Some of the things you were taught years ago may have changed, and the world has certainly changed! The above guidelines would still apply to an adult or senior driving student. Take as many lessons as you need based on your level of experience, and we’ll teach at your level.