Pricing and Packages

We try to keep things as simple as we can. But, it still gets a little complex. We’ve done our best to explain and answer most of your questions below.

Please understand that we are typically very BUSY, as is every other driving school in the area. It would be wise to plan and schedule your lessons EIGHT WEEKS in advance. Yes, we are often scheduling that far out. Plan ahead! Way ahead!

Driving Lesson Packages

Yes, we can sell driving lesson packages! To purchase lessons as a package, you must purchase at least 6 lessons and you can do it right in the scheduler. You decide how many lessons you want! Here are our recommendations on How Many Lessons to take.

Don’t hesitate to Contact Us, give us some background and let us help you decide how many lessons you might need.

How Our Packages Work

Once you’ve decided how many lessons you need, you can purchase your package through the scheduler and schedule your first appointment immediately! Or, if you’re purchasing a package as a gift, get with us to arrange that. (see below)

After payment for the package is received, we will set up your Coupon Code that you will use when you schedule your lessons. (this is a manual process, it might take a day or so) We will email this code to you, please don’t try to schedule package lessons beyond your first lesson until you have received your code! The code will be unique to you, and can be used to pay for complete lessons up to the number of lessons in your package.

So, once you’ve purchased your package and scheduled your first appointment:

  1. WAIT until you receive the email with your Coupon Code in it. It could take up to 36 hours.
  2. Then you can log in and schedule the rest of your appointments as you wish.
  3. Remember to click “Apply Coupon” after you enter the Coupon Code for each appointment. If the system asks for payment, you didn’t apply the coupon.

This makes it super-easy for you or anyone you share your Coupon Code with to schedule a driving lesson. It discounts the full price of the lesson, and bypasses the checkout process.

Important Package Policies

  • You must schedule your appointments online. (trust us, it’s so easy, you’ll WANT to do it that way)
  • We have limited availability, and you have no priority over other clients. You must schedule well in advance to ensure that you get the dates and times that you desire!
  • A package must include a minimum of 6 lessons.
  • Packages EXPIRE at the end of 12 months. Use the lessons or lose them.
  • Package lessons can be used by any student. Anyone you share your code with can use it to schedule a lesson.

Actual Cost

We offer significant discounts for packages of 6 or more lessons! Example packages below. Single lessons, and 6, 9 or 12-lesson packages are easily purchased through our online scheduler. Custom packages of 6 or more lessons are available if you call first.

Package Size Full Rate Pkg Rate Per Lsn You Save
1-to-5 Lessons $175 $175
6 Lessons $1050 $930 $155 $120
9 Lessons $1575 $1350 $150 $225
12 Lessons $2100 $1740 $145 $360
All Lessons are 90 minutes long and include student pickup.

More Pricing Details
Individual Driving Lessons
We recommend purchasing your driving lessons as a package (see above). But, if you’re only going to need one or two lessons, or if you prefer to pay-as-you-go, we’re happy to allow you to book individual lessons. In fact, you can go straight to the scheduler and have your first driving lesson booked in about 5 minutes!

Benefits of Purchasing a Package
You save money!

Scheduling lessons is easier. If you schedule individual lessons, you have to go through the payment process each time, and it’s a hassle. With a package, you just enter your code when you schedule, and you’re done!

Having a set number of lessons aids the instructor (and the student) because we know how much time we have, and can more effectively plan and prioritize our lessons.

Gift Packages
You can purchase a package as a gift! You’ll need to call or email us to arrange it. Packages must be arranged and paid for BEFORE scheduling. You can help speed our process along by setting up a user account for the student in our online scheduler so that we’ll have all of their information, just don’t schedule an appointment yet. We’ll email you an invoice, and when it’s paid, we’ll send you a coupon code. From there, it works just like a regular package. Use the code when you schedule the lessons. Easy!