What We Do

The Pinellas Driving School approach to driver education is a personal and practical one. Our in car lessons emphasize driver confidence and safety. We start by evaluating the actual skills and abilities of the student in the car with them driving. Students who have never started a car before, much less driven one, are going to need a far more basic approach than other students who may be looking to fine-tune their skills before taking the road test for their license. A student who is already licensed and may be looking to enhance confidence or general skills will require yet another approach. No matter what, we’ll adjust the flavor of our in car lessons to match students’ experience and goals.

So, if we’re teaching an in car lesson with a student who is a new driver, we’ll spend the time necessary to ensure that the student is fully comfortable with the car before getting them driving. Proper seat and steering wheel adjustment, hand placement, and mirror adjustment might be our starting points. For a more experienced student, we may try to build confidence with skills such as negotiating turns, smooth acceleration and braking, smooth and sure quick stops, emergency stops, lane management, and looking far enough ahead to avoid most of the surprises on the road. The only way to learn these things is with in car lessons, behind the wheel, with an experienced and patient instructor.

No matter what level of skill, we try to explain the “why” behind the instructions that we provide during our in car lessons. Whether the reason is rooted in physics, in the mechanical capability of the car, in state driving laws, or in common courtesy, we believe that it is important to understand why. We’ve found that when students understand why they are doing something, they are likely to remember more of that information. We try to make our directions and the explanations simple and understandable, and if students don’t understand, we explain it another way, we demonstrate it, we practice it… it’s worth the time that it takes at every step in the process!

As a result, we find that students who have completed a course of in car lessons with us become safer and more confident more quickly. Teach a driver thoroughly from the beginning, you get a better driver!