Experienced Drivers


  • See our Pricing page for details about pricing and packages.
  • We pick students up at their location, do the lesson, and drop off – all in our state-certified and dual-brake equipped Driver’s Ed car. Read more about our Methods.
  • An experienced driver can take as many or as few lessons as they feel they need depending on what they want to learn or improve on. Read our recommendations on How Many Lessons to take.
  • Student must have a Learner’s Permit or Driver’s License to be eligible for lessons. See our FAQ for info about obtaining a Learner’s Permit.

Identifying the Need

Maybe you’re a formerly licensed driver, or you have a license from another country, and you want to get your Florida license? Or, maybe you’re currently licensed and wonder if maybe you could learn to be a better driver?

Hey, we drive on the same roads that you do. We see all of the bad drivers out there. Maybe you’ll admit to being one of them? Maybe you don’t think you’re “bad”, but you’re wise enough to know that you could be better? Here are a few fundamental truths:

  1. The requirements to get a driver’s license in the state of Florida are MINIMAL. Honestly, they are laughable. Pass a basic road signs test. Demonstrate that you can drive around the block without crashing, use turn signals, stop at stop signs and park the car… they’ll give you a license! You can get your license having never driven over 20 mph, never made a lane change, never merged onto a highway, never driven at night, and never driven in the rain. And we wonder why people don’t know how to drive? So, maybe somebody taught you those more advanced things, or maybe you figured it out on your own… but, are you sure you’re doing it correctly? To varying degrees, most people aren’t.
  2. The effects of time, and bending to “how everyone else drives” have MAJOR effects. Even if you started out as a good driver, over the years, you’ve forgotten much of what you learned. And the odds are very high that you’ve let other people’s bad habits rub off on you. It is likely that you’ve picked up habits that you don’t even realize you have that are either illegal, dangerous, or simply rude.
  3. Some of the rules have changed! Even just over the past 5-10 years, things have changed. Some laws have changed. The way some things are taught has changed. And equally as important, our driving “culture” has changed. With all of the inattentive drivers on the roads today driving cars that are much faster than they used to be, we need to be that much more vigilant to keep ourselves safe on the road!
  4. If you learned to drive elsewhere, things can be VERY different. If you learned to drive in a place where traffic rules were merely “suggestions” with little or no enforcement (that could apply to anything from New York City to parts of Asia and various islands), you’re going have trouble driving here. While there are rules that a lot of people disregard more than we’d like (signaling turns, for instance), for the most part, we do all follow a relatively formal set of rules. If you’re deviating from that, you’re either going to be at much higher risk of crashing, get a lot of traffic tickets, or just make a lot of people mad at you on a daily basis!


The best place to start is with an evaluation lesson. We’ll drive around with you and see how you drive. We’ll identify any areas of concern, and correct as many of them as we can. Almost EVERY driver on the road could benefit from this! And probably most of them wouldn’t need much more than this if they can take the instruction given and put it into practice.

Further Instruction

Once we’ve identified your needs, we can suggest how many additional lessons you might need, if any. If you’ve got deeply ingrained habits that we need to overcome, we may need a couple lessons of constant reinforcement to get past it. Maybe there are things you’re not good at? Maybe there are things you’re just afraid of doing (like driving on the Interstate, or driving downtown)? Anything you want or need to learn, we can teach!